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Angels serve a variety of roles in Scripture: they advocate, they protect, they make war, they announce, they teach, they comfort, and they guide. All of those roles can be seen in the Christmas story.

They announce to Zechariah, Mary, and Joseph. They flood the earth with a celebration to the shepherds. They warn the Magi. They protect Jesus, and they guide his parents to do what is needed. And they witness God’s greatest achievements, including the birth of His son.

Max Lucado brings this scene to life in his book, An Angel’s Story:

Once again I heard the words I had heard first in the throne room. Only this time I understood. So, this is He. Immanuel. So this is God’s gift. A Savior. He shall save His people from their sins.

“Worthy is the Lamb.” I whispered as I knelt before my God. My heart was full. I turned to Mary as she cradled her child and I spoke. It didn’t matter that she couldn’t hear me. The stars could. All of nature could. And most of all, my King could.

“Do you know who you hold, Mary? You secure the Author of grace. He who is ageless is now moments old. He who is limitless is now suckling your milk. He who strides upon the stars, now has legs too weak to walk; the hands which held the oceans are now an infant’s fist. To Him who has never asked a question; you will teach the name of the wind. The Source of language will learn words from you. He who has never stumbled, you will carry. He who has never hungered, you will feed. The King of creation is in your arms.”

“What manner of love is this?” Michael whispered, and again we were covered with silence. A blanket of awe. Finally Michael again opened his mouth, this time to sing. He began quietly, pausing between the words.


One by one we all joined in. Gradually the chorus grew louder and faster. Our praise rose into the realms of the universe. In the most distant galaxy the dust on the oldest star danced with our praise. In the depths of the ocean, the water rippled with adoration. The tiniest microbe turned, the mightiest constellation spun, all of nature joined with us as we worshiped.


Look Up – Connect with God

Read:  Luke 2:8-15

Key Verse:  “Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, ‘Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.’” (Luke 2:13-14)

Pray:  Lord, give us eyes to see as the angels do – your glory and honor and beauty in all your creation. Deepen our faith to trust you in all circumstances.

Look In – Family Memories

Discuss:   Play “Hark the Herald Angels Sing,” and in the lyrics hear the whole Christmas story retold from their vantage point. Talk about what it would have been like to be there at that moment, hearing the angels sing. Because they know God’s plans, they must have been just a little sad about what was to come, a time when they would not be allowed to protect Jesus or rescue Him from harm. Yes, they trusted God and knew His plan for redemption was good; it was just going to be so difficult to witness. Were those thoughts in their minds that first Christmas day?


  • Advent Tree: make or select an ornament of a trumpet and put it on the tree. Download Ornaments or Ornament Ideas
  • Advent Garland: put the key verse on a paper/card, assign #11, and attach it to the garland twine. Key Verses
  • Advent Cards: select a card and see what the activity might be (i.e., sing along to favorite Christmas songs). Family Activities

Look Out – Connect with Others

Join with some friends and go caroling around your neighborhoods to bring the good news to friends and neighbors.

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